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What’s the Right Way to Clean the Tiles in Your Wisconsin Home?

Tile is one of the best flooring that a home can have. These can easily add color and texture to your place. And, there’s almost nothing that’s easier to clean than tiles. (The grout between them is another story.) With winters what they are in Wisconsin, tiled reception rooms are becoming increasingly popular.

But, is there a right way to clean these surfaces?


Ceramic Tiles – These are the most resilient of tiles, and the most common, so it’s very likely that you have at least some of these in your Wisconsin home. Mostly, these tiles don’t need a lot of effort as long as you haven’t allowed spills to sit until they have become stains. Water mixed with a gentle household detergent is enough to clean most certain tiles in the home. A non-toxic alternative is a gallon of warm water mixed with a cup of white vinegar.

You shouldn’t need to clean wall tiles terribly often. However, ceramic floor tiles, especially those found in bathrooms and kitchens, should me mopped with one of the above solutions at least once a week (after vacuuming or sweeping, of course).

Marble and Natural Stone Tiles – You will likely know if you have these tiles in your home. Even if they are cut smooth (instead of having a textured surface), natural stone tiles will have mineral veins and color variations running throughout.

These tiles often require a little more effort to maintain. Typically, you should use the products recommended by the tile manufacturer or installer. And, you should test any cleaner in a small, discrete area before applying it to the entire surface. Many cleaners designed to work on ceramic tiles will ruin natural stone tiles forever… and that includes vinegar. If you do have questions, consult with a local tile company and clean with hot water until you do so.

To clean grout, a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water will do the job. You should be aware though that you may need to reseal or regrout between tiles to maintain the appearance of your tiles. Still, it’s often easier than dealing with carpets stained from snow and debris, right?

Image: By Mehulsey (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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